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Apr 18, 2019 - JobFutures/Saulwick Employee Sentiment Survey Dataverse
Irving Saulwick and Associates, 2018, "JobFutures/Saulwick Employee Sentiment Survey, November 2001", doi:10.26193/EFH9AG, ADA Dataverse, V2
A national telephone poll conducted in November 2001 of 1000 people who were wage and salary earners or actively seeking employment. Topics covered include job security, job satisfaction, treatment by employers, fairness of pay, workplace safety, employer loyalty, working hours,...
Apr 18, 2019 - Australian Election Studies Dataverse
Cameron, Sarah; McAllister, Ian, 2019, "Australian Election Study, 1987-2016 Trends", doi:10.26193/231VJS, ADA Dataverse, V2
The tables in this excel file can be used to produce graphs on Australian politics, without the need to conduct analyses separately on the Australian Election Study (AES) data files for individual years. 95 descriptive tables are included for AES data from 1987 to 2016. The table...
Apr 16, 2019 - ADA General Collection Dataverse
Vuksa, Peter; Kelly, Jennifer, 2019, "National Drug Strategy Household Survey: Urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Supplement, 1994", doi:10.26193/F2SPB7, ADA Dataverse, V2
This survey is part of the series of National Drug Strategy Household Surveys, which are conducted periodically to evaluate elements of the National Drug Strategy (formerly National Campaign Against Drug Abuse (NCADA)). This survey aimed to provide baseline data on drug abuse for...
Apr 16, 2019 - Australian Election Database Dataverse
Sharman, Campbell, 2018, "Australian Election Database - Northern Territory Legislative Assembly", doi:10.26193/3F7PU4, ADA Dataverse, V2
Summary details for each election year for the NT Legislative Assembly elections since 1974. This data includes electoral system characteristics, seats in chamber, number of enrolled voters, ballots cast, rate of voter turnout and rate of informal voting.
Apr 11, 2019 - ANU Poll Dataverse
Biddle, Nicholas; Edwards, Ben; Gray, Matthew; McEachern, Steven, 2019, "ANU Poll 2018: Data Governance", doi:10.26193/XHORAI, ADA Dataverse, V2
This poll is the 27th in an ongoing series of polls being undertaken by the Social Research Centre for the ANU. Their purpose is to assess Australians' opinions on important and topical issues, with an emphasis on international comparisons. These polls are typically conducted thr...
Apr 10, 2019 - ADA General Collection Dataverse
Messum, Diana, 2019, "Illawarra drink-driver programme assessment, 1981", doi:10.26193/N9LQB6, ADA Dataverse, V1
The success of a drink driver course conducted by the Illawarra Health Region for convicted drink-driving offenders was assessed by means of questionnaires completed by the participants. Four questionnaires were completed, two on course entry and two on course completion. The fir...
Apr 9, 2019 - Quality of life in Townsville Dataverse
Grichting, Wolfgang L., 2019, "Alcoholism and its prevention in Townsville, 1980", doi:10.26193/ALAQIB, ADA Dataverse, V1
For the third biennial community survey of Townsville conducted by the University the topic of alcohol consumption, alcoholism and it prevention was chosen because of the relevance of high alcohol consumption and its consequences to social workers. It was proposed that alcoholism...
Mar 29, 2019 - ADA General Collection Dataverse
Neilsen, Vibeke Lehmann; Braithwaite, John; Parker, Christine, 2019, "The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Enforcement and Compliance Survey", doi:10.26193/L2B8ST, ADA Dataverse, V2
The ACCC Enforcement and Compliance Survey is a national survey that was conducted for RegNet (at the Australian National University) to assess the attitudes, beliefs and experiences of Australian businesses in relation to compliance with competition and consumer protection law a...
Mar 27, 2019 - Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth Dataverse
Australian Government Department of Education and Training, 2017, "Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth, 2015 cohort (Version 2.0)", doi:10.4225/87/PJO7GB, ADA Dataverse, V4
In 2015 a nationally representative sample of about 14,500 15 year-old students was selected to participate in the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). This group of young people became the sixth cohort of the LSAY program (LSAY Y15). As part of PISA, ass...
Mar 22, 2019 - ADA General Collection Dataverse
McAllister, Ian, 2019, "Community Attitudes Towards Smoking in Public Places, 1991", doi:10.26193/2PVRCM, ADA Dataverse, V1
The purpose of this study was to investigate attitudes towards smoking in public places as well as to identify factors which may influence those attitudes. The main aim was to see whether government bans on smoking were supported by public opinion. A secondary aim was to look at...
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