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Jun 13, 2019 - Negotiating the Life Course Dataverse
Peter McDonald; Ann Evans; Janeen Baxter; Deborah Mitchell; Jennifer Baxter, 2019, "Negotiating the Life Course, 2010", doi:10.26193/FNZZGL, ADA Dataverse, V1
Negotiating the Life Course is designed to study the changing life courses and decision-making processes of Australian men and women as the family and society move from male breadwinner orientation, in the direction of higher levels of gender equity. This fifth wave was conducted...
May 24, 2019 - ADA General Collection Dataverse
Christie, David, 2018, "Queenscliff health survey, 1975", doi:10.26193/WV3KWX, ADA Dataverse, V2
During a community screening program which included a screening for hypertension, the adult population of the Victorian borough of Queenscliffe (towns of Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale) was interviewed for current analgesic consumption and the replies were validated by urine test...
May 24, 2019 - Drug use by New South Wales school students Dataverse
Flaherty, Bruce; Trebilco, Peter; Egger, Garry, 2018, "Drug Use by NSW Children of School Age, 1980 Survey", doi:10.26193/JLZMN3, ADA Dataverse, V2
This survey, the latest in a ten year series of data collection on the drug use of children of school age in New South Wales, was conducted to provide comparable longitudinal data on a number of aspects of adolescent drug use. The aim of the survey series was to present objective...
May 24, 2019 - ADA General Collection Dataverse
Rawson, Don W., 2018, "Trade unions in Australia, 1976", doi:10.26193/KCT2GZ, ADA Dataverse, V2
The study sample was designed to produce both a representative sample of Australian adults and a cross-section of Australian trade unionists to allow an examination of the general attitudes towards trade unions and the attitudes of unionists towards their own union. Questions ask...
May 24, 2019 - Feasibility of Group Legal Services in Australia Dataverse
Evans, John; Jones, Roger, 2018, "Feasibility of Group Legal Services in Australia: Survey of Solicitors Practising in Victoria, 1980", doi:10.26193/JLLZN7, ADA Dataverse, V2
One of several surveys conducted for the 'Feasibility of group legal services in Australia' project, this survey examines the level of support from solicitors practising in Victoria for the introduction of group legal services and to assess solictors' opinions on group legal serv...
May 24, 2019 - Australian Gallup Poll Dataverse
McNair Anderson Associates, 2018, "Australian Gallup Polls, April 1976", doi:10.26193/JJBBI2, ADA Dataverse, V2
Topics covered in this survey include whether the respondent is satisfied with the official weather forecasts for this area; whether the Federal Government should spend more than $33 million this year providing weather information and forecasts; whether judges and courts are too...
May 24, 2019 - ADA General Collection Dataverse
Christian Research Association, 2018, "Combined churches study on faith and mission, 1987", doi:10.26193/TXNBHU, ADA Dataverse, V2
This survey of church attenders was conducted by the Christian Research Association in 1987. Its principal aim was to explore the directions that the church in Australia was taking, the forces shaping church life and the changes and debates taking place within the church as repor...
May 24, 2019 - ADA General Collection Dataverse
Kelly, David; Hubbard, Marion; Menzies, John; Stranger, Anne-Marie, 2018, "Professional development of senior rural health staff, Queensland, 1991", doi:10.26193/V1TYYV, ADA Dataverse, V2
The aim of this survey was to identify specific management education needs of senior staff in Queensland Regional Health Authorities and private hospitals. The results would be used to assist in developing a co-ordinated strategic response to meet the identified needs. The survey...
May 24, 2019 - ADA General Collection Dataverse
Health Promotion Unit, 2018, "Health promotion in the workplace, NSW, 1991", doi:10.26193/E3VHSY, ADA Dataverse, V2
The aim of this study was to provide the NSW Health Department with baseline information on the extent to which employers in NSW formally support or organise health-promoting policies or activities for their employees. (Formal policies or activities were defined as those which ar...
May 24, 2019 - ADA General Collection Dataverse
Department of Health, Housing and Community Services, 2018, "Oral health survey, 1986-1987", doi:10.26193/VO0U2V, ADA Dataverse, V2
This survey was conducted in response to a recommendation from the National Health and Medical Research Council that a national oral health survey be conducted in order to assess needs in Australian dental services and education. It was the first Australia-wide survey concerning...
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