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Apr 16, 2019
Vuksa, Peter; Kelly, Jennifer, 2019, "National Drug Strategy Household Survey: Urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Supplement, 1994", doi:10.26193/F2SPB7, ADA Dataverse, V2
This survey is part of the series of National Drug Strategy Household Surveys, which are conducted periodically to evaluate elements of the National Drug Strategy (formerly National Campaign Against Drug Abuse (NCADA)). This survey aimed to provide baseline data on drug abuse for...
Apr 10, 2019
Messum, Diana, 2019, "Illawarra drink-driver programme assessment, 1981", doi:10.26193/N9LQB6, ADA Dataverse, V1
The success of a drink driver course conducted by the Illawarra Health Region for convicted drink-driving offenders was assessed by means of questionnaires completed by the participants. Four questionnaires were completed, two on course entry and two on course completion. The fir...
Mar 29, 2019
Neilsen, Vibeke Lehmann; Braithwaite, John; Parker, Christine, 2019, "The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Enforcement and Compliance Survey", doi:10.26193/L2B8ST, ADA Dataverse, V2
The ACCC Enforcement and Compliance Survey is a national survey that was conducted for RegNet (at the Australian National University) to assess the attitudes, beliefs and experiences of Australian businesses in relation to compliance with competition and consumer protection law a...
Mar 22, 2019
McAllister, Ian, 2019, "Community Attitudes Towards Smoking in Public Places, 1991", doi:10.26193/2PVRCM, ADA Dataverse, V1
The purpose of this study was to investigate attitudes towards smoking in public places as well as to identify factors which may influence those attitudes. The main aim was to see whether government bans on smoking were supported by public opinion. A secondary aim was to look at...
Mar 22, 2019
Traffic Accident Research Unit, 2019, "Drinking drivers and random breath testing, wave 1 and wave 2 Sydney, 1982", doi:10.26193/SECYBB, ADA Dataverse, V1
The survey examines the beliefs and attitudes held by motorists in relation to drinking, drink-driving and New South Wales driving regulations. Of particular interest are the reactions of the young, especially males, whose contribution to alcohol-related fatalities is of deep con...
Mar 22, 2019
Nichols, Anna, 2019, "Rural Health Research Bibliography, 1995", doi:10.26193/HQH2EO, ADA Dataverse, V1
The Bibliography of Rural Health has been developed to provide a resource for individuals and organisations in the rural health field. The Papyrus database covers the period of 1979 to 1994 and presently consists of over 2,200 entries representing materials in medicine, nursing,...
Mar 22, 2019
Bammer, Gabrielle; Crawford, David; Dance, Phyll; Stevens, Adele, 2019, "Controlled availability of opioids: a feasibility study, 1991", doi:10.26193/DX6YC2, ADA Dataverse, V1
The aim of this study was to explore the issues surrounding a suggested trial of controlled availability of opioids in the ACT. The study involved four different surveys, designed to elicit the views of the general community, police, service providers and drug users/ex-users. All...
Mar 22, 2019
Powell, Janet, 2019, "Alcohol and medication use among older people, 1991", doi:10.26193/B82OM0, ADA Dataverse, V1
The impetus for this study came from questions about the ways in which drug-related problems among elderly patients were identified and treated. The survey involved an investigation of patterns of use of alcohol, tobacco and psychotropic medication by hospital patients aged over...
Mar 22, 2019
Directorate of the Drug Offensive, 2019, "Evaluation of the Peer Support Program (Student Drug Prevention) 1986-1987", doi:10.26193/1S42ZE, ADA Dataverse, V1
The Peer Support program is a school based program funded by the National Campaign Against Drug Abuse (NCADA) as a drug prevention strategy. Prior to the existence of the NCADA the program was funded through the NSW Drug and Alcohol Authority. This evaluation was conducted with t...
Mar 22, 2019
Department of Health, 2019, "Health and outlook of older Australians, 1984", doi:10.26193/FLNTL4, ADA Dataverse, V1
The aim of this survey was to explore both the attitudes towards the aged in the Australian community generally, and the specific opinions and response of the aged population themselves towards their lifestyle and problems. There are three data sets for this survey: an attitudina...
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