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Feb 13, 2019
Gow, David; Bean, Clive; McAllister, Ian, 2019, "Australian Constitutional Referendum Survey, 1999: Public release version", doi:10.26193/CMECLJ, ADA Dataverse, V2
The 1999 Australian Constitutional Referendum Study was conducted to investigate the Australian electorate's attitudes towards the significant political issues surrounding the 1999 constitutional referendum. As part of the Australian Election Study series, the 1999 ACRS provides...
Feb 12, 2019
Neilsen, Vibeke Lehmann; Braithwaite, John; Parker, Christine, 2019, "The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Enforcement and Compliance Survey", doi:10.26193/L2B8ST, ADA Dataverse, V1
The ACCC Enforcement and Compliance Survey is a national survey that was conducted for RegNet (at the Australian National University) to assess the attitudes, beliefs and experiences of Australian businesses in relation to compliance with competition and consumer protection law a...
Feb 5, 2019
Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, 2019, "Permanent and long term departures from Australia, 1986", doi:10.26193/WHNQ4Y, ADA Dataverse, V1
The intention of this study was to focus on the characteristics of those people leaving Australia for a long time, or permanently, and to determine what Australia would lose in terms of human resources by their departure. Topics covered included reasons for leaving Australia, and...
Feb 5, 2019
McAllister, Ian; Ascui, Alvaro; Jupp, James, 2019, "British Migrant Survey, Australia, 1986", doi:10.26193/RQAHZG, ADA Dataverse, V1
The purpose of the study is to examine the social and political attitudes of British migrants in Australia. For comparability, some questions used previously in the Australian Political Attitudes Survey, 1979 (SSDA Study No. 9) and in the British Election Study, 1982 (ESRC Data A...
Feb 5, 2019
Coyte, Phillip, 2019, "Graduates in the labour market, 1984", doi:10.26193/QDGIT7, ADA Dataverse, V1
The main aim of this study was to document the pattern of employment and further study of the 1979 bachelor degree graduates of six Australian universities in the five years following their graduation, with a particular focus on the incidence of unemployment, retention in the lab...
Feb 5, 2019
Pensabene, Tony; Wilkinson, Peter, 2019, "Ethno-specific services for the aged in Melbourne and Sydney, 1985", doi:10.26193/JTRGGA, ADA Dataverse, V1
The purpose of this study, was to obtain information about residents living in ethno-specific accommodation facilities in Sydney and Melbourne. Residents aged 60 years of age and over living in 31 accommodation facilities - nursing homes, hostels and units - were interviewed. The...
Feb 5, 2019
Reid, Alexander L. A.; Hensley, Michael, 2019, "General Practitioners' Referrals and Investigations, 1991-1992", doi:10.26193/JGL1KA, ADA Dataverse, V1
The rate at which General Practitioners (GPs) refer patients to specialists and order pathology tests and imaging varies considerably between individual GPs. This study examines patterns of and reasons for referral, pathology and imaging in a group of randomly selected general pr...
Feb 5, 2019
Kamien, Max, 2019, "Aborigines who abstain from alcohol, 1990-1993", doi:10.26193/0B9ORA, ADA Dataverse, V1
Patients at Perth Aboriginal Medical Service (PAMS) and Carnarvon Aboriginal Medical Service were invited to take part in a study about alcohol and health and why some people don't drink alcohol. A sample of patients aged 15 years and over took part in the first part of the study...
Feb 1, 2019
Pocock, Barbara, 2019, "Union membership in South Australia, 1993", doi:10.26193/Y22IQJ, ADA Dataverse, V1
Women form a lower level of union membership than men, this represents a major recruitment challenge to unions. Unions are currently employing a number of different tactics to recruit and involve women, this study aims to help refine those strategies. This study looks at areas su...
Feb 1, 2019
Kendig, Hal; Gibson, Diane; Rowland, Donald T., 2019, "Non-institutionalised aged in Sydney, 1981", doi:10.26193/8WJF1I, ADA Dataverse, V1
This study was designed to test hypotheses and develop population estimates regarding the social integration and social support of non-institutionalised people aged 60 and over living in Sydney. The core of the questionnaire aimed to identify the individuals who were important to...
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