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Oct 28, 2019
Wood, Terence, 2019, "Does Information Change Support For Aid 2016", doi:10.26193/R7ZGBW, ADA Dataverse, V1
This dataset contains data files, Stata do files, & explanatory files associated with a Development Policy Centre run survey experiment conducted to study whether providing Australians with information on Australian aid volumes changes public opinions about aid. The study was run...
Oct 25, 2019
Stimson, Robert J.; Earl, G., 2019, "Survey of Retirement Village Residents and Managers, 2000", doi:10.26193/OLDN0D, ADA Dataverse, V1
The Survey of Retirement Village Residents and Mangers was conducted to investigate potential roles for the retirement village industry in providing appropriate and affordable housing for an ageing Australian Society. The first survey (the Independent Residents Survey) covered th...
Oct 14, 2019
Clarke, Simon; Weston, Nicola, 2019, "Health and health problems among Sydney adolescents, 1981:", doi:10.26193/UHBH5I, ADA Dataverse, V1
This survey was designed to assess the perceived health needs of adolescents in the Western Metropolitan region of Sydney. Information was obtained concerning their health, developmental problems and use of health care facilities. Details of alcohol use, smoking and the use of ot...
Aug 19, 2019
Homel, Ross, 2019, "Random breath test surveys, New South Wales, 1983", doi:10.26193/ZF3VFZ, ADA Dataverse, V2
This study was undertaken in order to document perceptions of the legal threat associated with random breath testing (RBT) and to compare changes in drinking and driving behaviour patterns over time as a result of RBT. Two surveys were conducted, two months apart, the first of wh...
Aug 15, 2019
Kilmartin, Christine, 2019, "Young Adults Survey, 1998", doi:10.26193/UTDAN3, ADA Dataverse, V2
The aim of the Young Adults Survey was to examine and establish the current situation of young adults and what they expect to be doing in relation to their work, career and family life over the next two years. Variables include relationship history, present relationship, together...
Aug 15, 2019
Reid, Alexander L. A.; Hensley, Michael, 2019, "General Practitioners' Referrals and Investigations, 1991-1992", doi:10.26193/JGL1KA, ADA Dataverse, V2
The rate at which General Practitioners (GPs) refer patients to specialists and order pathology tests and imaging varies considerably between individual GPs. This study examines patterns of and reasons for referral, pathology and imaging in a group of randomly selected general pr...
Aug 15, 2019
Resource Assessment Commission, 2019, "Kakadu Conservation Zone contingent valuation survey, Australia, 1990", doi:10.26193/PFIWX3, ADA Dataverse, V2
The objective of this study was to provide information on environmental values, and in particular to estimate the dollar value Australians would place on the Conservation Zone and Kakadu National Park if mining were not permitted in the Zone compared with their valuations if mini...
Aug 15, 2019
Traffic Accident Research Unit, 2019, "Drinking drivers and random breath testing, wave 1 and wave 2 Sydney, 1982", doi:10.26193/SECYBB, ADA Dataverse, V2
The survey examines the beliefs and attitudes held by motorists in relation to drinking, drink-driving and New South Wales driving regulations. Of particular interest are the reactions of the young, especially males, whose contribution to alcohol-related fatalities is of deep con...
Aug 15, 2019
Rowland, Donald T., 2019, "Internal migration in Victoria, 1973", doi:10.26193/EX6M9W, ADA Dataverse, V2
This study is concerned with the patterns and causes of internal migration in Victoria. Fourth form students in government secondary schools in six Victorian towns completed a questionnaire in class and took another home to their parents. Both parents and students were asked to p...
Aug 15, 2019
Lewis, Ian C.; Rayner, Kent; Howell, Robrt; Henderson, A. Scott, 2019, "Drug use among Hobart secondary school students, 1971 -, 1982", doi:10.26193/0YBIXQ, ADA Dataverse, V2
Three similar surveys were conducted over an eleven year period in order to observe trends over time in licit drug use and its behavioural correlates among secondary school students. Information was collected on health, self-concept and medications. This included dieting and the...
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