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Building a New Life in Australia Dataverse (Department of Social Services)
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Welcome to the BNLA Dataverse

Building a New Life in Australia (BNLA): The Longitudinal Study of Humanitarian Migrants follows the settlement journey of 2,399 humanitarian migrants and their families who arrived in Australia between April and October 2013.

The project aims to increase understanding of the well-being and experiences of humanitarian migrants settling in Australia. It focuses on their participation in society, their general health and happiness and investigating factors that may facilitate positive outcomes. To help inform policy, it collects information about use and availability of support.

BNLA is managed by the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) on behalf of the Department of Social Services.

All applicants for Datasets must complete a once only Confidentiality Deed Poll and email the scanned, signed copy to NCLD ( and ADA ( before applications will be approved. Previous users of Datasets must also complete the NCLD Data Holdings Form.


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Only a General Release of the BNLA Dataset is available. The current release of BNLA includes the first four waves of data.

To request access to the data, click on the name of dataset you want from the list below, and then click on the "Request Access" button to start the online request form. You will need to log on to Dataverse first.

Want to know more?

To find out more about the BNLA study:

Details about the National Centre for Longitudinal Data are available from the Department of Social Services

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Jan 14, 2019
Department of Social Services; Australian Institute of Family Studies, 2018, "Building a New Life in Australia: The Longitudinal Study of Humanitarian Migrants, Release 4 (Waves 1-4)", doi:10.26193/ZQHBPW, ADA Dataverse, V4
Building a New Life in Australia: The Longitudinal Study of Humanitarian Migrants (BNLA) aims to identify factors which help or hinder positive settlement outcomes. BNLA follows 1,509 humanitarian migrating units who arrived in Australia or had their permanent visas granted in th...
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