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ZIP Archive - 26.1 MB - MD5: 8cbf24e6c226b6c26bbfc141d709d020
MABEL Questionnaires for Waves 1-11
Filename Without Extension: 1. MABEL Questionnaires
Adobe PDF - 2.2 MB - MD5: fa8ac3a7d013fca26ab385b2ce30a0f3
DocumentationUser Manual
Filename Without Extension: 1. MABEL User Manual Release 11
ZIP Archive - 14.4 MB - MD5: 49c26578f987d6a8f63e1233fb89d794
Filename Without Extension: 3. MABEL v11.0 PanelWhiz Version
Adobe PDF - 117.5 KB - MD5: 769f622fba90f3af6fcdee18c2912e82
De-identifiedDocumentationInterview Summary
Summary of de-identified interview transcript, pseudonym Mabel
Adobe PDF - 236.9 KB - MD5: cc4cdf58ce46f05ce6c847155c482528
DataDe-identifiedInterview Transcript
De-identified interview: Mabel, 4 June, 2012
ZIP Archive - 28.1 MB - MD5: 8db1160af02ff1af25ac9788a2989b8d
MABEL Release 11.0 SAS data files and formats (Waves 1-11)
ZIP Archive - 14.9 MB - MD5: 66b7184913a1d751042266993d132d3b
MABEL Release 11.0 SPSS data files (Waves 1-11)
ZIP Archive - 27.8 MB - MD5: 6510771543f36ebf2abb45df74e366e0
MABEL Release 11.0 Stata 12 data files (Waves 1-11)
ZIP Archive - 16.5 MB - MD5: d7ec949b70a9c33f73ac7ef921240b68
MABEL Release 11.0 Stata 15 data files (Waves 1-11)
Jul 3, 2020
The Medicine in Australia: Balancing Employment and Life (MABEL) survey is a longitudinal panel
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